Tread Lightly released their annual report in June. You can down load the complete document
Dear Tread Lightly Members,
When looking back at the history of Tread Lightly!, 2012 should be remembered not just as another year but as a year of growth,
most notably during economically challenging times. 2012 should also be remembered as a year of change, more accurately,
changes. Some were sweeping, all were for the better.
We started the year off by moving Tread Lightly!’s national headquarters to the heart of Salt Lake City, after more than twenty years
in Ogden, a suburb of Utah’s capital city. We also began increasing the nonprofit organization’s capacity by hiring a strong team of
professionals with skills and expertise that resulted in an exponential increase in organizational outreach, impact and effectiveness.
Please take the time to read through this annual report containing the highlights of the year in review. We hope you are pleased
with how much we accomplished while operating within the limits of a resource-constraint environment typical of today’s nonprofit
Any successes or accomplishments would not have been possible without the investments and support of you – our partners – both
long-standing and brand new. Our sincerest appreciation for being part of our ever-growing alliance of public and private partners
committed to proactively protect access to America’s great outdoors for opportunities to enjoy responsible outdoor recreation on
land or water.
Increasing the level of environmental stewardship among the general public is critically important to conserving the nation’s natural
resources. We hope you will continue to tread lightly and support the nonprofit in 2013.
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