Saturday Night Off-Road Expo, Pomona, California

The Off Road Business Association (ORBA), in partnership with Family Events, held a vendor happy hour following the first day of the iconic show. President/CEO Fred Wiley gave a brief overview of the trade association and the type of projects they are currently working on. Three new ORBA business members took the stage to talk about how ORBA is working to bring about positive change so they can prosper.

Tony Pellegrino, owner of GENRIGHT, shared his company’s experience as a member of ORBA.  Pellegrino felt that the strategy of developing a project business plan, and a financial funding plan is important to the success of any endeavor. Tony also talked about the importance of a business to be able to communicate its experiences, to help come to a positive outcome.

Dave Cole, owner of HAMMERKING PRODUCTIONS, wanted to talk about the ways in which ORBA approached partnership building at the state and federal levels. Dave explained that for years the OHV community has been fragmented in its approach, and must begin to speak with one voice. Cole shared how ORBA facilitated bringing the ten largest OHV groups in California under one tent. While it was not quick or simple, and it took several years, the benefit of a unified effort is proving how important collaboration is in our community. From that effort, the California Motorized Recreation Council (CMRC) was born. CMRC works within a similar structure, requiring a strong planning process. Cole expressed that, from his standpoint, that is the best example of how coming together accomplishes the successes like the efforts in Johnson Valley.

Larry McRae, owner of POISON SPYDER, shared an amazing story about learning how to work in his local voting district. When ORBA called and asked Larry to reach out to his local elected officials, he panicked and said he could never do that. With a little coaching from ORBA and the right contact numbers, McRae has become politically involved. He and his wife have had several meetings and a private dinner with House member Mary Bono Mack. They have gained her ear and the couple is planning a ride in Johnson Valley for the Representative in the near future.

ORBA hopes to continue this partnership with the Off Road Expo in 2013. We hope you will join us next year and share your experience with ORBA membership.

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