In 2006 I issued a challenge to the Off Road Community after reading an article about a environmental activist who was cleaning up the mess left by 4 wheelers during the annual Red Rock 4 wheelers Moab Jeep Safari.  While not a sanctioned event during Safari, the popular Potato Salad hill climb became a mecca for spring break college revelers visiting Moab during the iconic Jeepers event. The Challenge was simple; Give up one hour, one morning and clean up the area, before the environmentalists could. What started as a was to marginalize the negative press, turned into a massive collaboration of both environmentalists, and 4 wheelers working hand in hand to keep Moab beautiful.  In the end green activist Sara Melancoft had her perception of offroaders shattered, and she quickly became an activist for multiple use of the area surrounding Moab.


Today Rocky Mountain Extreme Needs your help raising $2000.00 to pay for trash cans and porta potties.


In 2006 my 12 year old daughter Katrina walked the shoreline of the creek that flows through the area, and asked why people would break glass all over such a pretty place, today after years of dedication the shoreline no longer glistens from broken glass, but has been returned to its natural state. What seemed like an impossible task, was made easy by many people working together.

Follow this link to see how it all started.


Will you join us this year at Easter Jeep Safari, and make sure we keep Moab clean? My Daughter has grown, and left for college, but our family’s challenge to keep the area clean has shaped the path she walks. I hope my wife and I will see you in the early morning sunlight at Potato Salad Hill.


Jeff Knoll



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