Our Mission

One Voice is a non-profit national association committed to promoting the rights of motorized enthusiasts; improve advocacy in keeping public and private lands open for responsible recreation through strong leadership, advocacy, and collaboration.


Providing a unified voice for motorized recreation through a national organization that represents the diverse off-highway vehicle (OHV) community.


  • Leads through mutual respect
  • Listens to the needs of the OHV community
  • Responsible for making decisions and executing plans
  • Develops and maintains important relationships with members, partners, lawmakers and regulators.

One Voice members may represent:

  • Grass roots organizations
  • Enthusiast, user or advocate for OHV recreation
  • Professionals representing OHV related organizations & businesses
  • Industry, trade or manufacturers of OHV Recreation

One Voice Objectives

Expand One Voice at National Level

  • Recognized by the OHV Community
  • Build and support regional entities
  • Form Advisory Committee

Establish and develop accountability

  • State & Federal Legislators and Regulators
  • One Voice Members
  • Grassroots User Groups, Organizations, and Motorized Enthusiasts
  • Relationships with external entities (asymmetrical groups)
  • Annual Meeting during SEMA Show

Grow One Voice Membership

  • Create and implement marketing campaign through ORBA, Tread Lightly, United 4WD & SEMA
  • Establish sustainable community outreach & support

Focus on motorized recreation policy and issues

  • Create representation in Washington DC
  • Develop strategic partnerships and relationships with influential stakeholders

Provide resources to members

  • One Voice Website
  • Technical resources
  • Develop own science techniques
  • Training and educating user groups at SEMA Show
  • Facilitate communication with legislators

Identify projects at Regional Level

  • Work with active Regions in identifying projects
  • Provide assistance and support for ongoing projects
  • Develop database for tracking volunteer hours

Why, How, Where?

WHY: One Voice provides connectivity throughout the motorized community by:

  • Improving advocacy in keeping public and private lands open for responsible recreation.
  • Establishing and maintaining a structure that unites many OHV users and organizations under one entity.
  • Working collaboratively with grass roots organizations, businesses, and governmental agencies and their respective representatives.
  • Providing a unified voice for OHV/motorized recreation and representation in Washington DC where policy is formed.
  • Taking action and executing plans for the sustainability and betterment of OHV recreation.

HOW: One Voice is a national association that has seven regional entities representing the diverse landscape and issues around OHV access across the United States.  Each region has one representative that participates on an Advisory Committee.  This committee reviews projects, issues, and areas of focus that pertain to the protection, conservation, advocacy, education, legislation and the promotion of OHV recreation on public and private lands.  The committee prioritizes these items and makes recommendations to the Board of Directors for approval and funding to execute the plan.

At the regional level, representatives from various organizations will form an ad-hoc/coalition style group where meetings may take place.  It is up to the regional participants in how they choose to manage protocal and operate within each region.  One Voice establishes guiding principles and expectations; each region will execute meetings and plans as they see fit.

Getting Involved: Anyone that has a passion for OHV recreation and willing to work at keeping lands open for motorized recreation can contact ORBA (Off-Road Business Association).  www.orba.biz

WHERE: One Voice meets once a year at the SEMA (Specialty Equipment Market Association) Show in Las Vegas.  Regional meetings will take place accordingly.  Most business will be conducted through web based programs and conference calling.   

What is the COST:  There are no membership fees or dues.  One Voice is seeking members that are willing to share, participate, and commit to accomplishing difficult yet rewarding challenges that the motorized community faces.  Participants are asked to get involved and work collaboratively.