ORBA President/CEO Fred Wiley attended a meeting and lunch on August 21,2012  with the United States House of Representatives Speaker John Boehner. The meeting was attended by several key congressional leaders including Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy and State Assemblyman David Valadao. The purpose of this event was focused on the business atmosphere of the United States, and how to accomplish future growth.

The ORBA corporate offices are located in Congressman McCarthy’s district so we have been able to have a good working relationship with Congressman McCarthy, his local staff and his D.C. staff. The discussion was insightful and laid out a plan to move this country forward.

Wiley was able to thank the House leadership for their help in moving the Bartlett Amendment and supporting off-highway recreation businesses. McCarthy and his staff have been instrumental in helping OHV businesses with Johnson Valley and a bill proposal to release Wilderness Study areas.

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