After eight long years of meetings every month and reviewing over 10,000,000 acres for renewable energy sites, someone complains that their size of the pie isn’t big enough and we get to start all over again.
First DRECP isn’t law, it’s an administrative policy. Therefore, every time an administration changes, the administrative policy can be changed. That is exactly what is happening with the second review which resulted in an implementation of an eight year planning process.
The original plan that rolled out was concerning to ORBA and its off-highway business members. The areas that were left open to motorized recreation were not protected in a way that made sense. The renewable energy developers claim that the areas set up in DRECP for off-highway use are too small and not economically feasible, so they want another bite of the apple.
President/CEO of ORBA, Fred Wiley states, “All of the California desert over the past 50 plus years has been identified for a use or a protection. The DRECP identified areas for motorized recreation and now they are back on the block.”
At what point will common sense be the word of the day?
ORBA, its members, and partners will continue to participate in the meetings and comments to protect meaningful recreation.
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