California Motorized Recreation Council (CMRC) Johnson Valley Sub Committee Report.

2012 has brought a very big change for the way California OHV groups interact. ORBA has had the privileged of leading this charge to unify the biggest OHV associations in the state under a single unified banner through our work in CMRC and the JV subgroup. By creating a strategic plan and having open dialog we have come farther then ever expected in our fight to Save the Johnson Valley OHV area. Below are some highlights of what has been accomplished in 2012. We have a long way to go to finish this fight, so please consider getting involved with our winning campaign.

  • Reported accounted budget total to date just under $300,000.
  • Livingston Group Top 10 Military Lobbyists in Washington DC. $12,500 per month.

Wins to date

  • Pushed Marines past release date of the Record of Decision, Release date still unknown. Expected January. It has been delayed no less than 3 times so far. Marines expected to take land in October of 2012.
  • Introduction of Bartlett Amendment that required Marines to study the use of a property under a permit, and keep land under BLM jurisdiction.
  • Introduction of Bartlett Language on Senate side from Feinstein to Senator Udall of Colorado on the Senate arms service committee.  Reid sent it to committee where it was fine tuned and added to HR4310.
  • HR4310 passes both the House and Senate, and is signed into law by President Obama.  Section 2856 addresses Johnson Valley.
  • Support of our efforts by both Congressional candidates in the 8th district, which includes Johnson Valley.  Congressman Paul Cook wins election and support CMRC position on base expansion publicly.
  • Vocal Support of our effort by 2 San Bernardino Councilman, and the Mayor of Yucca Valley.
  • State BLM director in support of our proposal.
  • Opposition of base expansion by the California State Parks Department OHMVR Division.
  • Letters in opposition of base expansion by the CBD and Sierra club.
  • Support of base expansion is questionable, yet New Commander insists it is vital to their mission and national security. Efforts must continue.

How did we get this far?

  • Unified effort, and organizing the efforts of all parties under one voice
  • Creation of a sub committee that fosters participation for various share holders Open the doors to anyone who will be productive. The non-productive or troublemakers will leave. Strategic Partnerships!
  • Set aside egos and tear down walls between Associations.
  • We were not without issues early on, but we worked through them.
  • Create a written strategic plan, (what are you going to do?) and than a financial plan. How much money do you realistically need? (Left over money)
  • Economic impact report is a power tool to prove we spend money.
  • Build your opponent a golden bridge to retreat across.
  • Find a solution that is palatable to legislators and keeps them in everyone’s good graces. They want to stay in office and need to protect themselves.
  • Can you accomplish the same thing from another direction?
  • Communication, specific action items for the boots on the ground.
  •  Careful release of sensitive information and respect from your team.
  • Respect.  Get over the naysayers, and push on. WE, not ME! For leaders.
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