What will ORBA do for me?

ORBA is a professional land use advocacy organization dedicated to keeping public and private lands open to motorized recreation. The organization’s unique membership is comprised of businesses, enthusiasts, and grassroot organizations dedicated to enhancing the motorized recreation industry.

ORBA implements change and takes action before it becomes law or a negative policy change that effects your right to ride. There’s a lot of behind the scenes work involved to keep access on public lands open to outdoor recreation. If there is no access and trails on our public lands, there will be no sales which effects your bottom line.

Here’s a snapshot of ORBA’s accomplishments over the last two years:

Endangered Species Act Reform efforts

ORBA/One Voice has been working with both the US Fish and Wildlife Service and Western Governors Association to reform the Endangered Species Act and related regulations to make this act both more efficient in protecting species and avoiding unintended impacts to many
activities including trails. 

Fire Borrowing fix with US Forest Service

ORBA/One Voice worked with a large number of partners to address how the USDA Forest Service funds firefighting, which was adopted and should be in the 2020 budget.  This should expand or at least slow the decline of recreation budgets in the future as 56% of the Forest Service budget went to firefighting last year.  

Exclusionary Corridors for motorized usage of Pacific Crest/Continental Divide Trails

Wilderness advocates and others continue to push for motorized exclusionary corridors around trails identified under the National Trails System Act.  These are proposed on the GMUG, Rio Grande, Santa Fe and numerous others in California. A California forest recently returned a successful appeal on a winter travel plan regarding designations of exclusionary corridors around the Pacific Crest Trail.  This would be precedent on the Continental Divide Trail as well.

Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP)

ORBA/OneVoice was heavily involved in efforts to revoke the planning effort on more than 11 million acres of desert areas in Southern California.  The BLM planning efforts would have closed vast tracts of these areas, that are heavily used by the OHV community and in many areas OHV recreation had been a protected usage under previous federal legislation. 

Re-open OHV Areas that were part of WSA

We were able to obtain release of a highly valued OHV area from its current Congressional designation as a Wilderness Study Area (WSA) in Northern Colorado.  This resulted in protecting OHV areas and releasing previously closed Wilderness Study Areas to motorized recreation in Colorado.

Precedent setting Snowmobile Planning in California

ORBA/One Voice/California Nevada Snowmobile Association (CNSA) have been in the forefront of Forest Service planning on snowmobile issues on forests throughout California.  ORBA/One Voice has provided ground breaking research on the behavior of snow under a variety of natural conditions, such as weight before and after the forces of gravity are applied to the snow. 

Independent Monitoring for Permits

ORBA/ One Voice has made serious headway on revision and streamlining of the permit issuance process with the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) in order to make permits both more timely and cost effective.  Including the compilation of recommendations in how to streamline the SRP (Special Recreation Permit) process. A major step in these discussions is allowing permittees to hire professional monitoring and mitigation services for events, which would greatly reduce permit costs.

Played a key role in stopping legislation from closing a major OHV Area (Carnegie)

Working behind the scenes with the Governor’s Office, State Parks and the Off-Highway Vehicle Division we were able to stop the closure and sale of the of the Carnegie State Off Highway Vehicle Recreation Area. We could not allow the State Legislature to set a precedent of selling land purchased with OHMVR Trust Funds below market value. The Governor agreed, and the bill was killed in committee.

Sponsored and engaged in major OHV events

Crawl for Christ, the National Off-Highway Vehicle Conservation Council (NOHVCC) annual conference, International Snowmobile Congress, SAND Sport Supershow, Off-Road Expo, Overland Expo, and the SEMA Show

Funded legislative campaigns that directly support OHV recreation

Holding and attending political events around the country to support candidates the support our mission of Responsible Motorized Recreation.

Continued important work with partnering organizations

SEMA, MIC, Watercraft Industry, Sportsmen, the RV and Overland Industry with the Outdoor Recreation Roundtable.

Developing a Public Land Policy Group

Building a team of land use legal experts across the country to ensure public lands are appropriately managed within the federal requirements.


ORBA Projects and Resources

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