OHV A. Budget Cmte 8-23-12
The above testimony demonstrates the mess the State of California has found itself in.  What is ORBA doing to protect the California OHMVR fund? Debate on the OHMVR begins about the 55:00 minute mark, (please forward to that location). ORBA representative Terry McHale gives testimony at the 1:39:15 minute mark of the video, and gives a glimpse of the type of work ORBA is doing through its professional staff in Sacramento. Your ORBA membership dues support our contracted professional lobby efforts at the California State Capitol.On Thursday September 6, 2012, Fred Wiley met with State Senator Jean Fuller (Senate Budget Committee). The meeting covered budget hearings surrounding the finding of the secretly hidden funds within the California State Parks department. She was instrumental in questioning the State Auditors’ representative about why no one knows where the funds came from and when that will committee get answers (above video testimony).

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