Show vehicles on obvious roads and trails
Whenever possible, show an obvious road or trail if marketing motorized and mechanized vehicles in a scenic setting. If the roadway is not visible, showing the vehicle on rock, gravel or in some cases sand or snow may still imply responsible use if done conscientiously. Staying on designated roads and trails is the most basic and most important way to minimize impact on the environment. This indirect message can directly affect public behavior.
Never blaze a new road or trail
Blazing a new trail is not sending a responsible message. Straying from existing unpaved roads and trails causes user conflict, destroys plant and animal life, and increases soil erosion. Resulting scars are unsightly and long-lasting, not to mention difficult and sometimes impossible to repair.

Please follow this link for the complete guidelines here

Do not use the word wilderness
Wildlands, backcountry and the great outdoors are preferred terms for describing these areas. 
It is best not to demonstrate vehicles in conflict with water
Avoid excessive speed
 Avoid showing mud-covered vehicles or excessive dust
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