BAKERSFIELD, California – The Off-Road Business Association (ORBA) was awarded funding from the Nevada Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles for two OHV related projects in the amount of $96,500. The first project is to perform an OHV Economic Impact Study in the State of Nevada, the second grant is a collaboration project with the USDA Forest Service Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit for a trail rehabilitation project of the Genoa Peak Road on the Eastern side of Lake Tahoe. The Commission on Off-Highway Vehicles grant program is supported through the revenues collected through an apportionment of revenues collected through Nevada OHV registrations. Grants are available to organizations for trail improvement work, mapping, education and other OHV related projects.

The funding awarded for the Economic Impact Study will be used for gathering and analyzing financial data that OHV users, industry, and associations contribute to the Nevada economy. Outdoor recreation is a multi-billion dollar industry and motorized recreation funds a significant portion of that total to the economy annually. Other economic impact studies have been conducted in the past, however not in a collective manner and on all forms of motorized recreation.

“It is our hope that this study will assist in business planning, identifying revenue streams for the private and public sector, and assisting organizations and businesses in strategic and marketing planning” says Fred Wiley, President/CEO of ORBA. “We are extremely pleased to be assisting the State of Nevada for their first OHV Economic Impact Study as well as work with the Forest Service on the Genoa Peak Road Best Management Practice Project. We believe these are necessary components for a prospering future of OHV management within the state of Nevada.”

The study will capture economic activity and impact to the state and local communities. This is especially important when presenting amendments to current policies and rulings regarding motorized recreation on public lands. It will also establish a baseline where other studies may incorporate the data to present resources and tools to assist planners, managers and representatives in making practical decisions based on professionally collected data. The study may also be used as an educational resource for the general public, agencies, and other relevant entities that may not be aware of the financial impact and presence OHV recreation has on the economy.
ORBA will be working with the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit, federal and state agencies within Nevada, grass roots organizations that represent the OHV Community, and our Industry partner at Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA).

For more information about the economic impact study project, visit the ORBA website at

Author: Alexis Nelson

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