The CMRC Save The Hammers Sub-committee will continue to fight all the way to the finish line to save the largest OHV area in the United States, and set precedence in the creation of the first nationally protected OHV area on the heels of victory in the United States House of Representatives. The group now sets its sights on the last remaining battle to finish the nearly seven-year fight to save the popular OHV area.


The United States marine Corps has re-established its offensive posturing to incorporate Johnson Valley OHV area into the Twenty nine Palms Marine Base hoping the United States Senate will strike down the House language. “Our final work falls squarely in explaining Congressman Cooks solution to the Senators.” Said Jeff Knoll Save the Hammers Chairman.  OHV enthusiasts from across the United States and beyond have worked hard to keep this area open, and will continue working hard leading up to the Senates decision on the bill.  “We have a very unified group of people” Knoll continued, “I think we are even stronger today than we have been in past months, with additional groups coming onboard. Mark up for the NDAA is expected in the Senate in Early September. In addition the group is preparing an all-inclusive financial report, which is expected to demonstrate what the battle has cost the OHV industry in an effort to emulate the success the united effort has yield.

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