Senate Bill No. 2X, signed into law by Governor Brown on April 12, 2011, increases California’s renewable energy portfolio standard to 33 percent of all retail electricity sales by 2020 With the shrinking amount of available desert land for development, it appears that OHV areas will be affected by the DRECP plan. Thus far the Military has not fully disclosed its opposition to placement of Wind farms, but it is expected that a large portion of the desert will be unavailable for wind development.


Solar development  has proven unfriendly to OHV use in regards to developing solar in active OHV use areas, but wind does lend itself to development in some OHV areas. With habitat concerns in a large portion of the California Desert it seems inevitable that renewable energy will disrupt our OHV areas when the plan is complete. Our countries dependency on foreign oil remains an issue, but should OHV users be  faced with carrying the cost of this burden alone. It appears once again the easy target will be the OHV industry. Where do you the Off Road Business believe we should concentrate our efforts? Should we begin working with wind energy to find suitable locations, or wait for the complete plan to again place the burden of sustainable energy into the areas that produce commerce?  ORBA continues to represent our interests in DRECP debates, but we need to hear from our membership. The balance of America’s needs vs the needs of the OHV industry will need to be addressed as we approach the future of renewable energy in the California Desert.


ORBA will be proposing a DRECP Sub Committee to CMRC in the coming weeks.We are looking for OHV business leaders who want to become active and help develop a plan similar to the 29 Palms base expansion efforts. A complete strategic plan that will identify potential solutions, and work with stake holders from all forms of Motorized Recreation. Please reach out to the ORBA office if you are interested in getting involved.    We can’t sit on the sidelines and wait for the rest of the world to saddle our OHV areas with the future of renewable energy.

more on the subject of DRECP please visit;

DRECP web site

How much land will this effect? To see a complete map of the 6 alternatives included in the study please down load the PDF file below.
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