On behalf of the Off-Road Business Associations members, we want to thank David for his dedication to this important project.

Over three years ago ORBA was appointed to this panel by the Governor to represent the off-highway business interests. Under David Harlow’s professional and passionate leadership, this important project stayed on schedule and on task. David is a former dirt bike rider and insisted on allowing every stakeholder to be heard. The DRECP is not far from reaching its goals, although the end result isn’t clear at this point. ORBA will remain engaged, and we hope to ultimately reach a positive outcome.

On Behalf of David Barlow . . .

Hello DRECP Stakeholders and Working Group Members:

I wanted to let you all know that, after 3.5 years as Director of the Desert Renewable Energy Program, I have stepped down from the position effective January 1.  Chris Beale is the Acting Director.  This decision was not made lightly; I was just diagnosed with cancer, so I chose to step down immediately to focus on my health and my family.

I thank you all for your time, support and input that has helped guide the development of DRECP.  The many meetings of the Stakeholder Committee and working groups that occurred over a roughly 3 year period seem in the distant past now, but they played a critical part in framing the DRECP and moving it forward.  It has been a pleasure and a privilege to work with you on this important plan.  A properly completed DRECP will make a significant contribution to California’s conservation and energy future.

If you have questions please feel free to contact Chris Beale at cbeale@resourceslawgroup.com or (916) 930-7147, Kristy Chew at Kristy.Chew@energy.ca.gov or (916) 654-4818, or Scott Flint atScott.Flint@energy.ca.gov or (916) 651-3774.  If you would like to reach me for any reason, feel free to e-mail me at david_harlow@sbcglobal.net.

With Respect,

David L. Harlow
Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan

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