Following the reduction of the OHMVR trust to stop gap the Californian Budget, ORBA sent a letter to the Governor asking for common sense and the restoration of the fund. ORBA has been working closely with our lobbyist in Sacramento to help find solutions to the troubled OHMVR trust and the future of important grants in the state OHV program. Below is the letter that was sent on behalf of ORBA membership.
The Dear Governor Brown:
The OHV Community appreciates very much your willingness to restore to the OHV program a portion of the funds that were taken from this year’s truncated budget process.
OHV in California is a national model for providing environmentally sustainable recreational opportunities for off-highway vehicles.  Even Ms. Coleman testified that it is the fastest-growing part of the entire Parks program. It is a program that works, and brings billions of dollars to the rural communities of our state.
The OHV Community has complained for more than a decade of funds designated for OHV being diverted for other purposes within Parks. It is stunning that a successful OHV Program is not given the same considerations as the parks that were considered distressed and, in order to be kept open, needed the monies used to provide recreational opportunities outside of the SVRAs – the lands where a majority of the families recreate.  Our concerns are a matter of record.
While we do not believe that the present problem surrounding the hiding of funds from OHV and the State Parks Recreational Fund involves the personal profiting of any individuals, we do believe it reflects a culture within parks that results in OHV and, in particular, their funding sources, as being an optional safety net to offset other costs.
We are asking that common sense be restored.  In fact, we do believe that the paradigm set up in SB 742 (chaptered 2008) provides foundational protections for OHV and the parks system as a whole, a clarity in how the money is spent, environmental protections, law enforcement and educational programs that highlight both the rules and the consequences of responsible riding.
We are asking that you use the money in these funds to make the OHV program whole.  We are also asking that a system be put in place that allows the OHV division to use the monies available for grants and cap-outlay projects originally included in your first budget draft.
We are here to work with you.
Thank you for your efforts
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