An important part of the work done here at ORBA is expanding and protecting meaningful motorized recreation. ORBA has been working with the Desert Renewable Energy Conservation Plan (DRECP) group for over 4 years. A side project that has come out of that working relationship is forming working partnerships with energy transmission companies.


We found common ground as information about these energy transmission corridors was formulated and in many areas, both public and private land is being utilized. OHV activity occurs within those corridors and does not appear to be detrimental in most areas. So the next step was to identify any concerns that need to be addressed to ensure that current OHV use is not blocked. Our first goal is to accomplish ways to properly identify safety issues and hazardous obstacles.


The majority of the obstacles were common throughout the places OHV users might chose to recreate. The next step was how to create a system of marking the possible hazards clearly and consistently, with designs and colors that are easily identifiable both day and night, and during low light and dusty conditions.


We have met with the transmission companies on 5 occasions. The meetings have been productive and we believe that some draft options and policies will be available in early 2014.


This endeavor is not driven by any government agency; it is purely being developed within a business-to-business atmosphere, reaching out to maintain meaningful recreation opportunities.


Fred Wiley


Off-Road Business Association


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