In 2006 Jeff Knoll attended the Easter Jeep Safari in Moab Utah. During his time there he read an article in the Moab paper, about a local Green activist that was picking up the trash left behind by bad 4 wheelers every morning during EJS.


She focused her effort on cleaning up the trash at Potato Salad Hill. Jeff and his family set up a challenge to reverse the damage being done at Potato Salad Hill on Pirate4x4 and the community answered the call. Eight years later with the help of Rocky Mountain Extreme or and Greg Gardner the project continues, and the green activist Sara Melnicoff now has become a vocal spokesman in Moab for multiple use. This year like most Jeff returned to PSH every morning at 7:00 am with a trash bag to pick up trash and change perceptions.




RME raises money each year to provide trashcans, and out houses, to help limit the trash. Scott Jones our newest ORBA team member joined Jeff for an enjoyable morning of giving back to Moab. If you would like to donate or participate in next years clean up please contact the ORBA office.


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