Ron Potter To Serve As Program Manager For NOHVCC Management Solutions


After 37 years with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resource, Ron Potter recently retired from his position as Recreation Systems Manager in the Parks & Trails Division.

As it turns out, the DNR’s loss is NOHVCC’s gain.

Potter, a long-time NOHVCC partner at the agency level, who has contributed much to OHV recreation in his home state and across the country, has agreed to serve on a consulting basis as the program manager for NOHVCC Management Solutions (NMS). He will be creating the formal process for the review and acceptance of OHV projects as well as assisting in managing some of the projects. “We’re excited to have Ron help us expand the reach and effectiveness of NOHVCC Management Solutions, to better serve local, state and federal agencies with their OHV projects,” said Russ Ehnes, NOHVCC Executive Director. “We could not have asked for a better fit than what Ron brings to the table with both on-the-ground trail implementation experience as well as state agency experience. It compliments other expertise we have in our line-up.”….Read more

Leaving Public Lands Unmanaged To Preserve Forests Has Opposite Effect


Recent NOHVCC newsletters have covered the topic of public lands, including the incredibly high number of public acres already restricted to motorized and non-motorized recreation (February newsletter), and how “Wilderness” designations negatively impact local economies (January newsletter).

Those articles struck a chord with our readers, so we are continuing the discussion by reprinting an article that points out another aspect of public lands. The increasing trend of preventing access and closing roads — leaving large tracts of public land unmanaged in the name of “preserving” forests has huge negative implications, rarely covered in mainstream media. This article, written by David A. Bischel, President of the California Forestry Association, appeared in a recent issue of California Forests. (Reprinted with permission.) www.calforests.org

By now it should be apparent that hands-off approaches to preserving California’s forests have invited increasingly severe wildfire, jeopardized biodiversity, imperiled water resources and exposed millions of acres to environmental degradation. Leaving forests unmanaged does not freeze them in some sort of Kodak moment. Forests keep growing, and walking away from forests after 100 years of suppressing wildfire is leading to uncharacteristic fuel loads and smoke plumes that foul the air for hundreds of miles. High-intensity wildfire spews greenhouse gases and exposes soils to mass erosion that can bury spawning gravels in sediment……..Read more

NOHVCC Recruiting Effort Paying Off With New Partner Applications


“The best ad is a good product.”

I don’t know who originally said that, but I love that phrase, because it’s so true. When you have a good product — whether it’s the latest smart phone, movie sequel, ATV or dirt bike — people take notice, and will stand in line to get it.

Judging by the new applications for State Partners and Associate State Partners that are coming in, the same goes for NOHVCC: It’s a great product. People are taking notice. And joining its large network of Partners who are engaged and volunteering their time to create a positive future for OHV recreation…..Read more

USFS Worker Volunteers Hundreds Of Hours To Maintain OHV Trails


Richard McClanahan is a Lead Forest Technician in the Sanpete Ranger District of Utah’s Manti-La Sal National Forest. He maintains the water systems and campground, repairs ATVs and keeps everything related to recreation running smoothly. But each winter, he does something unique among his peers. He leaves his job with the US Forest Service and volunteers 6 weeks or more of his time helping OHV organizations with much-needed trail work in his home state of California.

“I’m doing it as a volunteer because it’s the right thing to do,” said McClanahan. “I don’t do a lot of trail work on my job, mostly maintenance work. Trail work is what I love, so that’s why I go over there and do it for free. I call it playing in somebody else’s sand box with somebody else’s toys. They give me a tractor and a credit card for diesel and I just go to work. It’s fun.” ……Read more

Yamaha and “Stay The Trail” Win National Awards At International Trails Symposium


Two popular names in the OHV industry –Yamaha and “Stay The Trail” — received national recognition at the 21st American Trails International Trails Symposium. The awards celebration was held April 16, 2013, at Fort McDowell Yavapai Nation, Arizona.

Yamaha Motor Corporation received the Corporate Award, given to a business or corporation that has demonstrated significant, sustained and exemplary service to trail planning, implementation and/or recreation.

Colorado’s Stay The Trail OHV Education Program received the Outstanding Trail Sharing Award. This award recognizes innovative and successful trail sharing efforts, programs and systems.

Read more

Mixed Gear Bag

You know we have to be creative in our titles. Miscellaneous is too normal and potpourri doesn’t sound very rider like. Below are up-coming events and other assorted items of interest.

The 13th annual COHVCO workshop takes place in the Denver, CO area June 27 – 29. Registration and agenda will be coming soon!

Annual NOHVCC and INOHVAA conference to be held in Orlando, FL in October 13 – 16, 2013. More details will be coming soon!

Send us your recruitment stories, functions, details, successes to trailhead@nohvcc.org. We want to share your good ideas with other clubs.

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