Once again, the United States Forest Service will begin a complicated process that will require attention all over the Western States. I am sure that some of you have been hearing about what is called by the forest service “The New Planning Rule”. As always, the California forests within Region Five will be the test projects. These forests include the Inyo, Sierra and the Sequoia. Fred Wiley will be attending the workshop that will outline this project called “Why the Change”. That meeting will be held in Bakersfield, California on January 24, 2014.


These three forests have been utilizing the collaborative process for several years to reach different levels of success. The California forests typically are the more complex forests to manage, therefore the process usually starts there.

A personal comment about the “Collaborative Process”, it has become increasing clear to ORBA that if we can’t participate in this process, the Government Agency develops the product without our input and in many cases the decision is made leaving us little recourse. The other important component of this process is the importance of having the right people are at the table. Table pounders who hope to storm the castle and those who lead with their attorneys seldom are in it for the long haul, and are rarely invited back to the bargaining table.

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