by Scott Jones

This week I had the opportunity to testify in favor of the Hermosa Watershed Protection Act before the House Subcommittee on Public Lands and Environmental Regulation.  This legislation would release a very important Wilderness Study area of about 1,000 acres between Durango and Silverton CO that has a long history of motorized usage and is highly valued by the motorized community.  This WSA is currently proposed to be closed in the new resource management plan for the area.  In addition to  releasing this WSA the Legislation would create a Special Management area of almost 70,000 acres where motorized usage would be protected and preserved for future generations.   Much of this area was also proposed to be closed under the new resource management plan for the area. My testimony was well received and followed with a very good question and answer period with the Committee Members.

I would like to thank everyone that has worked and supported this project, it has been a long process and our partners have been critical in development of the final product.  This testimony  is only a small piece of the process.  We are optimistic that the legislation will be passed this session and preserve these highly valued riding areas, and form the blueprint for the release of other riding areas in the future.

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