JUST DO IT! Give 15 minutes to save the largest OHV area in the United States.


Send a letter your your Senator. Below is content for a personalized letter to your Senator. ORBA members are encouraged to not only send a personalized note explaining how closing the Johnson Valley OHV Area will negatively effect your business, but please forward these talking points to your customers.

Follow this Link for directions on contacting your Senator.

The Johnson Valley Off-highway Recreation Area represents 1% of the California Desert. There
is only 2%of the California desert available for OHVuse. If that area is lost due to the proposed
expansion the recreation will be losing 50% of the available opportunity in the desert. Others
user of this area that will be negatively affected are;
Mining Claims
Entertainment/movie industry
Commercial events
The proposed Withdrawal of this land from the BLM by the Marine Corps will create the largest
Marine Corps Base in the United States, an area larger than the state of Rhode Island. The
proposed expansion will only be utilized on a temporary basis, twice a year for maneuvers. It
will not be the typical base expansion with permanent troops and facilities. Surveys indicate
that the revenue loss to the small rural communities surrounding this area will be over
$78,000,000. These communities rely on recreation to survive.
The proposed expansion utilizing alternative 6 doesn’t adequately address safety concerns,
doesn’t fence the area and will not provide for the public safety. Alternative introduces a
shared use area; we all know that when there is an issue with live ordinance the area will be
closed for safety reasons.
Congressman Paul Cook 8th district California (base district) himself a retired Marine Corps
Cornell with several months investigation has offered an amendment to the withdrawal. That
amendment provides for the area necessary to meet the required training through a BLM
permit. The amendment was reviewed by all of the committees and added to the House 2014
NDAA bill. This amendment is supported by several key agencies and residents.
Local Counties and Cities
Residents and Local Businesses
Mining Industry
National and International Business Associations
The people that recreate in Johnson Valley from around the world
The environmental Community
The Marine Corps has received over 27,000 comments against the withdrawal
A White House petition of over 30,000 has been accomplished (awaiting reply)

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