California’s 8th District has a new Leader in Congress, and the retired Marine made it a priority to attend the King of The Hammers last week in his home district. Congressman Paul Cook joined the California Motorized Recreation Council, for a tour of the popular event, and took a helicopter tour of the proposed base realignment. Save the Hammers Chairmen Jeff Knoll joined Congressman Cook for the aerial tour and shared the location of the proposed boundary, as well as the massive size of the event. ” These are people from all over the world who come to your district for the unique terrain that Johnson Valley has to offer, and they spend money when they are here.” Knoll told the Congressman.

Photo by Mike Kunz

The Congressman was excited about the sheer size of the event, and how well it was organized. In addition ORBA President Fred Wiley, SEMA President Christopher J. Kersting and Sr. Director, Federal Government Affairs Stuart Gosswein joined members of State Parks, the Yucca Valley City Council, and BLM on the tour of the event.  Tony Pellegrino and his family invited the group to join them for dinner in the Genright hospitality tent, before the Save the Hammers  fundraiser.

The Congressman attended the drivers meeting and spoke on stage with Jeff Knoll about the importance of getting involved with your local Legislators, and how each person can make a difference in helping find solutions. While the Congressman supports or troops he questions the need for the Marines to expand into Johnson Valley, and agrees that the California Motorized Recreation Council is offering ideas that are worth looking into.

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