By: John Stewart

The ink is dry on the California budget and details are coming into focus.  So, what about the OHMVR program?  What about the future of OHV recreation in the state of California? The OHMVR budget is linked to the California State Parks budget. Now, for the rest of the story…

While news headlines claim nearly all California State Parks will remain open, the angst caused by Senator Simitian and the California Parks Foundation ended as no benefit to the Parks and a detriment to OHMVR program.

BAD NEWS:  In short, the Governor reduced the OHMVR Trust Fund portion of gas-tax revenue. Rather than $21 million loss of gas-tax funding to the OHMVR program, the loss was $7 million.  The end result is the OHMVR local assistance grant program will be funded at the $10 million level as opposed to the $21 million of last year.

GOOD NEWS:  Now, let’s examine the details of the gas-tax portion.  There was an effort to divert $21 million in gas-tax revenue originally proposed to fund the local assistance grants portion of the state OHMVR Program.  That effort resulted in $7 million being lost while the remaining $14 million was transferred to the OHMVR Trust Fund.

Thanks to letters and calls from OHV recreation to local representatives and the Governor’s office, the reduction of funding was not as severe as it could have been.

For the full story please follow this link.

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