Last March the OHV Industry participated in its first ever; “National OHV Lobby Days”. The results where overwhelming with introduction and passing of the Bartlett Amendment. This year we hope to increase participation, and results with an even larger voice.  For 2013 we will have two opportunities to reach our Congressman and Senators during the Month of April.  The First recess will be from March 25th-April 5th and the second from April 29th-May 3rd 2013. We are asking every OHV enthusiasts to reach out to their local Legislators when they are in their home offices, and ask for a meeting to discuss items that are important to you. In addition we have a specific target; Johnson Valley OHV Area’s fate will likely be decided in the 2013 legislative session, and we need your help across the USA to educate the Legislators on why this area is so important.

Ultra4 Racer Doug Bigelow participated in last years effort, and his meeting with Congressman Bartlett of Maryland resulted in creation of the law that now requires the Marines to revisit the economic impact to the OHV industry that base expansion will affect, in addition they must study how the expansion will affect the Desert Protection Act of the early 80’s. Your voice will make a difference! Larry and Cheri McCrae of Poison Spyder Customs also participated and developed a strong relationship with Congresswoman Mary Bono Mack that continues to this day as a result.


Exercising your freedom and participating in our Government is paramount to the success of National OHV Lobby Days. Your Legislators want to hear from their constituents, and there is little better opportunity to educate your children about our government then taking them to meet your Legislators in their home office.


How does it work?



  • Second: Request an appointment to speak with your Legislator. Its OK if you only get an appointment with a staff member, this is the first step in creation of a relationship with your elected official. In some cases a staff member will be better suited to hear your concerns, and will research deeper into your concerns. Stay diligent.


  • Third: Don’t give up! Legislators have very busy schedules when they are in their home districts. Keep trying and don’t give up. Last year we had 100% success rates in gaining meetings due to the determination of our participants.


  • Forth: Report your results on Facebook, and share your experience with your friends.  The more people who participate the better; for our voice to be heard we must be unified.


  • Fifth: Challenge three of your friends to participate in the National OHV Lobby Days.


As we get closer we will publish talking points to help you send your message. If you have other issues of concern that can be discussed take the opportunity to address them as well. This is your personal experience, and opportunity to get to know your Legislator.


Make sure you are respectful with everyone you come in contact with. Be a problem solver, and seek solutions. Legislators need trusted sources to gain insight on items they have little experience. Become that trusted source in your district, by offering solutions to problems.

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