2013 ORBA Year in Review

Off Road Business Association

2013 has been a busy year for the Off Road Business Association. Membership continues an upward trend in 2013 with a little stronger result than 2012. Currently sitting at around 7.5% growth we have continued our rally back to the forefront of the motorized recreation access struggle. Our membership continues to be our best form of marketing ORBA by sharing the work we do inside the OHV industry. Below you will see a list of some of the highlights from 2013. It is important to know that much of this work has been done through collaborative efforts within many of our partnerships. While we still struggle at times to communicate and come to agreements on all subjects many of our partnerships are stronger than ever, and baring fruit.



 The Twentynine Palms Marine Base expansion into Johnson Valley OHV area has required a large portion of the Associations attention, but is not the only item ORBA has been working on.  As I write this we are minute by minute working with Congressman Paul Cook, the Livingston Group, SEMA and many of our partners to hopefully push this long battle to the finish. Language has passed in the house, that while not the victory we had hoped for will keep the Hammers trails whole and establishes the first congressionally designated OHV area.  No matter the outcome we have exceeded expectations and proven many wrong when it comes to this effort. Please see our complete report on this issue on the Home Page.

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Here is a quick snap shot of some of the biggest items ORBA has been working on in 2013.

·      We won the first OHV Trail Closure lawsuit in California, which reopened the Truckhaven hills with Ecologic partners. In addition Ecologic Partners is poised to intervene in the Ocotillo Wells Lawsuit if the State of California defends the suit. We may have an answer on the future of this lawsuit in mid January, 2014.Please see the website for details.

·      ORBA continues to participate in the DRECP. The DRECP if nothing else has proven that you cannot streamline renewable energy in the state of California.  

·      ORBA worked in the Tahoe Basin Management Area on a collaborative effort to protect winter recreation from loss. ORBA worked with stakeholders on conflict usage in the area that resulted in no loss of winter based motorized recreation.  Look for the full story on this item in coming weeks.

·      ORBA worked with the California Motorized Recreation Council to emulate the success it had in unifying the California OHV access groups with the Johnson Valley effort to create an Ocotillo Group to prepare for the potential lawsuit.

·      ORBA has been lending its experience with the Johnson Valley effort to the SEMA Save The Salt efforts. This collaboration is yielding new ideas for both groups to capitalize on.

·      ORBA moved to a smaller office in the same building to lower its overhead when our lease was up for renewal.

·      ORBA continues to attend meetings with key legislators in the western states as well as on the national level, utilizing our business network.  

·      ORBA continues its work with our Lobbyists in California and Washington DC.

·      ORBA has worked with New Hampshire OHV enthusiasts regarding private land travel management.

·      Worked with British Columbia Snowmobilers in an advisory capacity to help with OHV access.

·      Begun engagement with the Nevada OHV Commission. Jeff Knoll is positioning himself to apply for appointment to this Governor appointed position following the completion of the JV fight.

·      Regular visits and meetings with California OHMVR.   

·      ORBA will host a national OHV leadership meeting in July 2014 to focus on fostering new leadership and searching for the next generation of OHV access advocates in Reno Nevada.  


Goals for 2014

·      Increase communications with members and national OHV user groups.

·      Save Johnson Valley OHV area

·      Strengthen our partnerships with Tread Lightly, the AMA, COHVCO, MIC, SEMA, Ecologic Partners, and California Motorized recreation Council.

·      Build our reserves to allow ORBA to maintain the relationship with the Livingston Group (Washington Lobbyists) beyond the Johnson Valley fight.

·      Defend the lawsuit in Ocotillo Wells SVRA

·      Build a communication umbrella that allows greater collaboration across the country.

·      Complete a strategic plan template that can be utilized by grassroots effort to save OHV access.

·      Build a stronger partnership with motorized recreation access groups nationally.

·      Engage in the Sage Grouse engaged species listing issues facing the western states with the Blue Ribbon Coalition.

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